About NightSong Entertainment


   NightSong Entertainment (NSE) started as a small community back on April 1, 2010 spawned in the depths of the game Eve Online. With a focus on gaming and software development, NSE has brought together gamers who can exceed expectations in games often breaking the mechanics of the games, software development students, and professionals, for many years. With a unique dynamic, and access to some of the industries best technologies, the NSE community has prided itself on 'Breaking the meta one game at a time' since its birth. What does it mean to 'Break the Meta'? Well, in a nut shell, our members attempt all that they do in unique and different ways, often breathing new life into the activities that they take on. This method of conducting themselves has brought large amounts of entertainment to the community, as well as extremely helpful data both to internal and external developers, allowing not only for our members to have great fun, but games they play to be improved to a considerable degree. It is not uncommon for the NSE community and staff to interact directly with developers of games and software, to help them better understand how their software behaves in unusual circumstances that our style places it in.