This is NightSong Entertainment!

We are a community of gamers, developers, educators, and professionals all with a similar goal in mind. Enjoying our activities together, while “breaking the meta” each and every day.

What is “breaking the meta” you ask? Well that’s the fun part, taking what is normal and throwing it out the window, trying new things to gain new experiences! Be it in a game, developing of a new concept, or the education of a new generation, we take thinking outside the box to the next level, by doing outside the box.

While this site is far from complete, there are a lot of activities available to users. Please visit us in discord (and remember to announce yourself in the chat!), and even take a load off with us in a number of games! Our discord serves as a central point to other sub-groups, and is monitored by those sub-groups, so feel free to speak up at any time.

Finally, there is one last part that of this community that should be mentioned. It is run completely by volunteers, so if you feel you would like to give back in some way, please contact and administrator to see what you can do that is both a good fit for you, and something that you will enjoy! We are always looking for more volunteers, and some of the activities that happen under the hood are great for adding to a resume!

If you want to help out, or have some ideas for us, please let an admin in discord know, we take all feedback into account!


The Admin Team